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Crescendo Daybed

Crescendo Daybed

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new orders delivering summer 2024


Our signature Crescendo Daybed is a stylish Twin XL daybed that incorporates tactile audio technology to elevate your music listening experience with full-body vibrations. A premium listening experience that unlocks a new dimension to any listening session; at home, in a therapeutic setting, and anywhere else your music takes you.

Each bed is handcrafted with a modern, sleek design and custom-made with the wood of your choosing. With our baltic birch design you'll get all of the functionality and simple elegance with our most economical pricing, or choose to upgrade to a custom hardwood frame for a stunning piece for any room. Whether you want the Crescendo Daybed to be the focal point of a room, or blend seamlessly into existing decor, there are options for any style.

Crescendo Products are built for music lovers, meditators, therapy practitioners, wellness spaces, audiophiles, and more. It's built for you.

How it works

The bed operates like a subwoofer, but with tactile vibration instead of audible sound waves. Feel the vibrations at lower frequencies, while you enjoy full range audio through headphones or speakers connected to the bed.

The Crescendo Daybed is a plug and play device. Simply plug the power cable in, and connect to the audio streamer for the first time. You'll then be able to experience the transformative power of music like never before.


  • Crescendo Daybed - W: 40" x L: 82" x H: 14-16" (height varies by leg selection)
  • Two 300-watt tactile transducers
  • Wireless audio streamer compatible with Bluetooth, Airplay, Google Cast, and most other casting protocols
  • Aux input for wired connections
  • Integrated high-fidelity headphone amplifier by JDS Labs
  • 1/4" audio output for headphones or to connect your Daybed to external sound systems
  • Independent vibration intensity and audio volume controls
  • Twin XL (38"x79"3) custom foam mattress, with zip cover
  • 2 x 300 watt amplifier for tactile bass

The Crescendo Daybed is built to order in the order it was received. Orders are being actively delivered now.

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